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August 2011
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glacial23 [userpic]
good day, eh?

A quick update on our vacation so far:

Tuesday: I went and hung out at infowidget's workplace and pretty much kept quiet. Read a bit, played around with various things on the laptop (some Java ME hacking, a little music, etc.). Went over to Blossom to see Peaches, Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails (who had been on my "should actually see sometime" list for way too long. Second only to Duran Duran, I think.) We were thoroughly drenched during Peaches' set(lawn seats), but it finally stopped raining before Bauhaus went on(it was better than I thought it would be, but no "Bela Lugosi's Dead"...), and we managed to find a convenient place to stand in time for Mr. Reznor and band. NIN's set was pretty good. No "Dead Souls" cover, but otherwise pretty good.

Wednesday: Took our time getting going, but finally made it to Toronto. Found a Nepalese/Indian restaurant to eat at. Very good.

Thursday: Wandered about Toronto for the day. Got rained on some more, though we did have jackets and an umbrella, which helped a bit more than Tuesday. Saw two of Toronto's public libraries, and a bit of the University of Toronto. Saw way too much to go into detail right now, but Toronto's a darn nice city.

Today: Drove up to Ottawa. Finally got some net access, so I caught up a teeny bit with the world and posted this ;) I think we're going to go looking for food and wander a bit now, since it's getting a bit late.

Current Location: Ottawa, ON
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I thought NIN was a great concert! Wish I'd known the two of you were there...